Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harga Samsung Galaxy

Currently, car GPS navigation system has become one of the most popular electronics due to the increasing car consumption. To buy a functional automatic GPS navigator is rapidly becoming an important topic under this circumstance. But nowadays, our aim is to help you find practical ones at harga samsung galaxy lower price.

With what could be called the best processor currently out at the moment, this phone is packing a monstrous 1.5Hz Quad Core Processor, designed to add power to an already amazing phone this processor ensures that whatever it is you are doing, wether it is browsing the internet, loading pages, taking a photo or just using something simple like the calendar, you will not have to wait for anything and you can just get things done.

Housing a snappy Quad Core processor and a 2 GB RAM, it incidentally holds the distinction of being the first ever Windows from Nokia or from any other manufacturer. The most impressive feature of the smart phone remains the 20 MP camera capable of clicking superb stills. The phone's OS runs smoothly and allows multitasking with apparent ease. The storage capacity is huge, with an internal storage of 32 GB and expandable up to 64 GB. The price range may be a killer for some buyers, but then due respect needs to be given to the manufacturers for such a loaded gadget.

Another great gift idea is 3D TV glasses, which can take one in a magic world. They look like just one pair of reading glasses, but more modern that have a pair of headphones and a connector to your video source. All in all, 3D glasses are the indispensable device when watching 3D TVs, 3D movies and 3D videos that enable users to be within events of the movie. So, these modern electronic gadgets are a kind of very cool gifts for everyone like movies, let them enjoy and let them have a surprised experience with these amazing tech gadgets.

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